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Do You Need Brake Repair In DURHAM?

Brake pads wear out over time, so getting them replaced is a necessity. You should follow the manufacturer's guidelines, as the mileage of when to get your brake pads changed depends on your vehicle. It can also vary based the type of vehicle you drive, the conditions you're driving in, and how you drive.

Driving habits can greatly affect brake wear and when you should replace your brakes. For instance, if you tend to brake hard and stop abruptly often, this can lead to more brake wear. City driving, with lots of stop and go traffic, can also wear out the brake pads more quickly as you are using them more often. Brake pad material and hardness can also affect how long they will last. Our technicians at CBS Quality Cars will be able to find just the right pair of brake pads for your vehicle and your budget.

How Often Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

For the most accurate assessment, it's best to have the brakes on your vehicle inspected if you're unsure about when to get your brake pads replaced. Ask the technician to check your brake pads every time that you bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation or an oil change. It takes just a few minutes and could save you money down the road. If you notice any abnormal sounds with your brakes, like squealing or a scraping noise, bring the vehicle in right away for an inspection. Another sign that brakes need attention is if your vehicle shakes while you brake. This could be a sign of warped rotors, which can also be assessed at CBS Quality Cars.

How Can I Tell If My Brakes Are Going Bad?

Brakes will often make abnormal sounds when they need service. It's best to have your brakes inspected by a professional as soon as you suspect something is not right. Here's a list of some sounds you might hear when your brakes start to go bad.

If when you apply the brakes you hear or feel:

  • A high-pitched squeal
  • A grinding or a hard rumble
  • A general squeaking when you stop
  • Pulsation in the pedal
  • Low initial brake bite when applying pedal pressure
  • Steering wheel movement when braking

It may be time to have your brakes checked by a trained professional. Our service professionals at CBS Quality Cars can inspect the condition of your vehicle's brake system.

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