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Modern cars are more reliable than ever, and you can count on a quality used car to provide you with years of trustworthy service even if it had a few miles on the clock when you bought it. However, even the most reliable cars require regular maintenance. Whether you bought your current vehicle from CBS Quality Cars or not, our service center is always ready to provide you with the maintenance and repairs that you need to keep your vehicle running the way you want. Every driver needs a shop they can count on, and with CBS Quality Cars, you have found that shop.

Owning a car brings a lot of responsibilities. While we often take our vehicles for granted, these complex pieces of machinery require regular maintenance to perform properly. Oil changes, tire rotations, filter replacements – keeping up with these simple services is vital to keeping your car in good condition. The longer you own your vehicle, the higher the likelihood that you will also require less common maintenance items. New tires, a replacement battery, fresh spark plugs, and more will all be necessary at some point. Fortunately, when you have CBS Quality Cars at your side, you can rest easy knowing that your car will receive the best maintenance around.

We Know How To Fix Your Car

At CBS Quality Cars, we handle vehicles of every make and model. From rugged pickup trucks from Ford and Chevy to reliable sedans from Toyota and Honda, we have seen virtually everything pass through our doors. We even sell luxurious sports cars and SUVs from brands like Porsche and Mercedes. What that means is that our certified technicians have hands-on experience with just about every car, truck, and SUV on the road. No matter what you drive, whether it is American, Japanese, European, or Korean, and whether it is over a decade old or rolled out of the factory yesterday, we can provide your vehicle with the maintenance and repairs that it requires.

Our range of services ranges from the most basic right on up to the most complex. If you need to adjust your tire pressure or replace your cabin air filter, we are happy to help. If you are looking for a quick oil change or a new set of tires, you have come to the right place. And if you need your engine serviced or an electrical issue diagnosed, we can handle that as well. At CBS Quality Cars, our service center offers the maintenance and repairs you need. We even have our own on-site auto parts center with the high-quality parts to keep your car running and the accessories to turn it into something special. If you’re the kind of driver that prefers to perform your own repairs, you can order OEM parts online, or simply let us do the work for you.

Keep Your Car in the Best Shape Possible

Car maintenance is never a popular subject, and it can be tempting to ignore that rattle or banging – but not keeping up on maintenance is the fastest way to find yourself facing major repair bills. Not rotating your tires regularly and failing to keep them properly inflated will quickly mean shelling out a couple of hundred dollars on a whole new set of tires. And skipping a few oil changes will result in paying for a brand new engine down the road. Keeping up with maintenance means saving money in the long run, and when you visit CBS Quality Cars, we will provide you with the maintenance you need – nothing more and nothing less.

When you visit our service center, you will also discover that regular maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our friendly staff will get you in and out with minimal waiting – though we do have a comfortable waiting room where you can relax while we perform quick maintenance. We even make scheduling your visit as easy as possible with our online service appointment form. This way, you can schedule maintenance on your time instead of having to wait to call during business hours. Of course, if you want to call, email, or chat, we are always waiting to hear from you. Just let us know what you need, and we will get your car fixed in no time.

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