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Tire Services: Replacement, Repair, Rotation And Balancing In DURHAM

Provide your vehicle with the tire service that it needs today, visit CBS Quality Cars in DURHAM now! Our technicians are eager to inspect your tires to ensure you can enjoy a secure ride so give our Honda service department a call today! Our professionals allow us to work on a variety of makes and models.

Tire Services Offered

Our technicians can handle a wide range of tire requests so don't hesitate to reach out to our staff in DURHAM today. We believe that drivers should have access to affordable, quality work that keeps them on top of a maintenance plan, and our prices attest to that conviction!

Tread Check

The treads of your tires serve many functions and allow your tires to maintain traction while traveling through adverse driving conditions. Head over to CBS Quality Cars for the peace of mind the comes with a tire tread inspection!


Properly inflated tires help you handle your ride easily and help provide safety while on the road. Don't ignore any tire pressure monitoring warnings, visit our service team for an inflation today. We'll happily check the levels on all four tires and will add air to any that are impaired from unsafe low levels.


Protect the lifespan of your tires, have them rotated at the first sign of wear so that they can be used evenly. Rotations have a number of benefits, contact our team to learn about them all today!

Purchase a New Set of Tires

If you're in need of new tires for your car or truck, head over to CBS Quality Cars today! Our fully stocked inventory has a wide variety of quality tire brands and our team is knowledgeable on all the brands we carry. We'll help you find the set of tires that complement your on-road needs, getting them safely installed so you can enjoy them today.

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Use our secure website to schedule your tire service now or give us a call. Our friendly associates readily await the opportunity to provide for your tire needs.

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