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The tires are arguably the most important part of your vehicle, and they also require some of the most maintenance to perform properly. This is why we offer a dedicated tire center here at CBS Quality Cars. Our auto service center can handle just about any maintenance or repairs that you might require, but tires are one of our specialties. From keeping your current tires in good shape to providing you with plenty of high-quality new tires to choose from, we can handle all of your tire needs. Just pay us a visit, and we will keep your car, truck, or SUV rolling on a set of tires that you can trust.

While it may seem obvious, rubber just isn’t as durable as metal, and your tires are constantly subjected to harsh conditions. That means even the best tires will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. While the team here at CBS Quality Cars is always happy to help you find a new set of tires for your vehicle, we will also do our best to make your current tires last for as long as possible. Tire maintenance isn’t difficult, but staying on top of it will let you safely get thousands of extra miles out of your tires before they need to be replaced. That means keeping more money in your pocket.

How To Maintain Tires

There are several aspects of tire maintenance, and while you cannot prevent tire wear completely, you can reduce it. The single most important part of having long-lasting tires is keeping them properly inflated. While this is a simple task, we encourage you to visit us regularly to have your tire pressure checked and adjusted. This is particularly important during the changing seasons as tire pressure fluctuates with temperatures. Added benefits of keeping your tires properly inflated include better handling in bad weather and reduced fuel consumption. Yet despite how simple this is, roughly 1 in 3 cars are being driven with underinflated tires.

Another important aspect of tire maintenance is regularly rotating your tires. This process moves the tires between the different corners of your car in a recommended pattern to even out tire wear. It is recommended that you have your tires rotated every time you get an oil change for maximum benefit. Every time you have your tires rotated, you should also have them balanced. Tire balancing involves placing small weights on the wheel to eliminate vibration and reduce wear and tear on your tires and suspension. Tire rotations and tire balancing are both quick and simple but go a long way toward making your tires last longer.

Do You Need New Tires?

Even with regular tire maintenance, you will eventually need new tires, and when you do, our auto parts center has you covered. But when is it time to change out your old tires for a new set? While tires do eventually become too old to use, generally, they run out of tread depth first. As you drive, the tread on your tires slowly wears down, reducing the effectiveness of the tire in bad weather. When the tread drops too low, your chance of hydroplaning in wet conditions goes up dramatically. Every time you visit CBS Quality Cars for tire service, we will measure your tread depth and let you know if your tires will soon need to be replaced. When the time comes to buy a new set, we will help you choose the perfect tires for your driving style and budget.

Well-Maintained Tires Mean Safe Driving

Tire maintenance is simple, and when you visit the CBS Quality Cars tire center, it gets even simpler. We pride ourselves on offering convenient and high-quality service, allowing you and your car to spend more time on the road and less time in the shop. Simply give us a call or go online to schedule a service appointment. We have the right tools to extend your tires’ life and will help you find an affordable set of new tires when your current set finally wears out. Owning a car doesn’t have to be stressful when you can count on CBS Quality Cars.

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      Tread Check

      The treads of your tires serve many functions and allow your tires to maintain traction while traveling through adverse driving conditions. Head over to CBS Quality Cars for the peace of mind the comes with a tire tread inspection!

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      Properly inflated tires help you handle your ride easily and help provide safety while on the road. Don’t ignore any tire pressure monitoring warnings, visit our service team for an inflation today. We’ll happily check the levels on all four tires and will add air to any that are impaired from unsafe low levels.

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      Protect the lifespan of your tires, have them rotated at the first sign of wear so that they can be used evenly. Rotations have a number of benefits, contact our team to learn about them all today!

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      Purchase a New Set of Tires

      If you’re in need of new tires for your car or truck, head over to CBS Quality Cars today! Our fully stocked inventory has a wide variety of quality tire brands and our team is knowledgeable on all the brands we carry. We’ll help you find the set of tires that complement your on-road needs, getting them safely installed so you can enjoy them today.

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      Use our secure website to schedule your tire service now or give us a call. Our friendly associates readily await the opportunity to provide for your tire needs.

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