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Oil Changes at CBS Quality Cars

An oil change is one of the simplest and most critical maintenance items there is. However, not every oil change is the same. Visiting your nearest oil change place may be quick and cheap, but they will not provide the same level of care and attention to detail you will find here at the CBS Quality Cars service center. Our certified technicians know their way around every aspect of your vehicle and will provide the best oil change around. We can also pair your oil change with other common maintenance items, such as rotating and balancing your tires, changing air filters, and giving your car a quick inspection to make sure that it is running properly.

What Makes a Good Oil Change?

Cheap oil changes will end up costing you more money in the long run. Cheap oil does not last as long and does not contain the same additives as high-quality synthetic oil, which means that you will have to get your oil changed more often, or you will eventually damage your engine. Either way, that budget oil change will end up being more expensive. But what separates a cheap oil change from a good oil change? At CBS Quality Cars, we use high-quality oil and filters, and our service center is staffed with experienced technicians who know the ins and outs of your car, truck, or SUV.

The most important aspect of a good oil change is high-quality engine oil. In the old days, oil was oil, but that isn’t the case anymore. Modern synthetic oil is the product of advanced engineering and contains special additives that clean and protect the insides of your engine. These modern formulas are the reason why cars can now go up to 10,000 miles between oil changes. While old-style oil is quite cheap, it will not last more than 3,000 miles. Running it any longer will result in damage to your engine as the intense heat cycles break down the oil at the molecular level, eliminating its protective qualities and producing damaging engine sludge.

The second most important aspect of a good oil change is using the right filter. Some budget oil change places won’t even change the filter at all, which is a quick way to destroy an engine. The filter is responsible for catching the dirt and debris as the oil cycles through the engine, trapping it all in a safe place. But after a certain point, the filter will no longer function properly, allowing that same dirt and debris into the internal components of your engine. Using a cheap filter isn’t much better than not replacing the filter at all, as it can become clogged up long before your next oil change. That is why CBS Quality Cars always uses high-quality filters and auto parts when we change the oil in your vehicle.

A Service Center You Can Trust

At CBS Quality Cars, we are here to take care of you and your car for the long run. Our maintenance recommendations are based on getting the maximum possible life out of your vehicle and saving you money in the long run. We also provide far more than just basic services. If you come to us for an oil change and we notice that your car isn’t running right, then we can help you track down the problem and get you back out on the road in a vehicle that you can depend on. Our skilled technicians can handle just about anything, from simple oil changes to major repairs, and we are here to build a relationship with you that you can depend on for the life of your vehicle and beyond. At CBS Quality Cars, we are with you for the long run. If you’re ready to schedule service today, you can take advantage of our easy online service appointment form or get in touch with any questions you may have.

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