Budget Used Cars in Durham

Like many Americans, you have a budget that is important to stick to, which means that when you’re shopping for a car, you’ll need to find a model that fits within it. For many, not overpaying for a quality car is a must, and with all of the shiny, new, overpriced models on dealership lots, you know that buying new simply isn’t in the budget. This means that shopping for a used car is on the agenda, but you want to be sure that the used car you choose is dependable, safe, and of course, priced just right.

If you’re shopping for budget used cars in Durham, let CBS Quality Cars help you find the right model at an affordable price so that you can have confidence in the reliability of your vehicle and its ability to deliver a safe and comfortable ride. When it comes to budget-friendly vehicles, it’s easy to see why more Durham area drivers turn to CBS Quality Cars when the integrity and affordability of their ride are a top priority.

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We Carry an Excellent Selection of Budget-Friendly Used Cars

When some drivers hear "budget-friendly," they may think that the vehicles on our lot are less-than-stellar, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. From luxury brands like BMW and Lexus to tried-and-true favorites like Toyota and Ford, CBS Quality Cars carries top-level models that will ensure your travels will be more enjoyable than ever imagined. Many of the models on our lot are newer vehicles with cutting-edge tech, innovative safety features, and stylish appointments to make your drive more engaging in every possible way. Top truck brands like Ram, Chevy, and Ford grace our lot and can add value to your workday, while stylish SUVs from Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and others can be found to maximize your journey, whether you’re an everyday commuter or road trip adventurer.

We even carry plenty of family-friendly large SUVs and minivans to help you find the right fit for any number of passengers you may have. These quality models can be found in our arsenal, just waiting to provide you with a smooth ride, ample capabilities, superior safety, and dependability like no other. With our extensive selection of vehicles, it’s no wonder why so many drivers team up with us when it’s time to find a vehicle that works with their budget and checks all the boxes on their list of must-haves. Getting the vehicle you want for a price you can afford is a great feeling and one you won’t find at many other dealerships. At CBS Quality Cars, we intend to have you leave with that satisfaction.

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Things to Consider When Shopping for a Budget-Friendly Vehicle

There are many perks to buying a budget-friendly vehicle. In addition to a broader selection, especially here at CBS Quality Cars, you also get to take advantage of lower prices. This means that the luxury sedan you’ve had your eye on may now be within reach with us. As your budget-friendly used car authority, we advise you to keep a few aspects in mind when shopping for your next trusted traveler, especially if you want to ensure that you’re making the right choice for your driving needs.

First and foremost, you want to pay careful attention to the reliability of the model you’re interested in, as many models tend to inherently have better reliability ratings than others. Do research first and find out which models are regarded as the most reliable on the market so that you can filter through your options and find the vehicle that’s best suited for you.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the maintenance needs of the vehicle you're interested in. After all, regular maintenance is critical to your vehicle's overall performance and reliability, so knowing that you can keep up with this is important. For example, a work truck will require a bit more maintenance than a compact sedan due to the level of work it's capable of on a daily basis. From towing heavy loads to traveling with heavy equipment, these tough and durable vehicles must be taken care of properly.

For many, fuel efficiency is the deciding factor in a vehicle, especially if your everyday commute is lengthy. This is why researching which models will provide optimal fuel efficiency will be important. Many sedans and SUVs showcase favorable gas mileage, so sticking to these vehicles may be a good choice. Knowing that you’re getting a car that won’t let you down is what every shopper desires, and certain brands are held at a higher value than others. Look for vehicles with high resale values and esteemed reputations in the industry. In doing this, you’ll be more confident in your choice, knowing that the vehicle you’re driving is top-quality.

Finally, consider your unique needs, as every driver requires a different type of vehicle. Although budget plays a large role in many shoppers’ decisions, it’s also important to let your driving habits and lifestyle play a part. For example, if you’re welcoming a new member into your family, perhaps a larger, kid-friendly vehicle is required. If you’ve recently taken a job in a different city, a comfortable and efficient commuter vehicle may be needed. Knowing your unique needs will help you narrow your search, ultimately leading you to the right car for your journey.

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Why Choose CBS Quality Cars?

Partnering with a reputable dealership means confidence, not only with your purchase but with the team you trust to handle your vehicle’s needs. Here at CBS Quality Cars, we have an impressive inventory of stylish and dependable vehicles from top brands in the industry, with five locations in the area to help bring these quality vehicles to more drivers. We have a dedicated finance center to help you create a payment plan that works with your budget so that making your monthly payments is easy, not stressful. We also have a top-quality service center ready to help you maintain your vehicle so that it continues to perform at its best mile after mile.

Our team works diligently to ensure your satisfaction with your vehicle. This is why we offer plenty of ways to work with us, including a home delivery option available for added convenience. We make the entire experience effortless because we know the important role your vehicle plays in your daily life. The ability to get an instant trade-in estimate, apply for financing, calculate your payments, and so much more can all be found on our website. Plus, when you have questions or wish to get started with the process, our staff is available to help lead the way.

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