Used Car Dealership Near Me – Durham, NC

You have a lot of reasons to choose a used car, and doing so makes a lot of sense for people in many different kinds of financial situations. Choosing the right used car, and just as importantly the right dealership, however, is vital to ensuring you get the perfect vehicle for what you need. It can be tempting to simply search online for “used car dealership near me” and pick any one that comes up, but you owe it to yourself to choose a dealer that will put your needs first.

The right used car dealership near you will have a great selection of vehicles at a wide range of prices for you to choose from. They will have a website that is easy to use with their inventory presented so that you can start looking for your next vehicle from the comfort of your own home. Any dealership you choose should have an excellent financing department that will help you figure out financing that works for you and puts your needs first. You should be able to get started with financing right away, even from their website, so that the car-buying process is as simple as possible.

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Finally, you want to find a used car dealership near you that has a service center and parts department either on-location or through a nearby partner. One of the biggest reasons to choose a dealership, even for a used car, is the peace of mind that comes from always knowing where you can turn if you need service or repairs. Here at CBS Quality Cars, we do everything we can to always put your needs first thanks to our fantastic inventory, our expert financing professionals, and our service center. Come visit us today in Durham, NC, and discover how easy it can be to shop for a used car, truck, or SUV.

Hundreds of Used Cars to Choose From

No matter what kind of vehicle you want to buy, the car-buying process should be all about options, so you can find exactly what you need. With a new model, that means having lots of different trim levels to consider and optional packages or upgrades to choose from. With used models, however, you do not have that ability to make changes and pick different options, so it becomes all about the selection of vehicles for you to consider.

Here at CBS Quality Cars, we have a terrific selection of hundreds of different used vehicles for you to choose from every single day. A lot of car dealerships deal in both new and used vehicles, often focusing more on their new inventory and letting their used options take a back seat. Here at CBS Quality Cars, however, our focus and priority is on used cars that can meet any need. We pride ourselves on having a massive selection, with new choices coming in all the time, which you can look over, consider, and pick from to find the right fit.

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Wide Selection of Prices

Of course, our terrific inventory of used models is not only about giving you a lot of different features and specs to choose from – though that is important. Just as important to us, however, is giving you a lot of different prices to choose from when looking at used models. While a used vehicle is going to be less expensive than its brand-new counterpart in general, we are focused on providing a lot of different options for you in terms of price.

As the best used car dealership near you, we think it is important that we can work with all of our customers, no matter what their financial situation looks like. We believe that everyone deserves to get a vehicle that meets their needs without losing sleep and worrying about how they are going to pay for it. We have used cars available at a wide range of prices, so no matter what you are looking for, we will do everything we can to help.

Financing that Works for You

Even with an inexpensive used model, you still need to figure out how you are going to pay for it. As your dedicated used car dealership near you, we work hard to provide fair and competitive financing options for all of our customers. That means working with you throughout every step of the process and explaining each detail to make sure you know what is going on and are getting something that you are happy with.

Whether you already have a lender lined up, or you are dreading the financing process, we are here to help. Our financing experts are friendly and knowledgeable and they put a great deal of effort into providing reasonable and compassionate financing assistance. We understand that it is a part of the process that many people dread, so we do everything we can to take the fear and uncertainty out of it.

Service Center and Parts Department

A mechanic is holding a flashlight over the engine bay of a car at a used car dealership in Durham, NC.

The great service and care that we provide you as our customer does not end when you drive away in your vehicle, as we provide long-term support with our certified service center and parts department. One of the great concerns a lot of people have with a used vehicle is what they will do if a problem arises or when they need service. With us, however, you can always return for help. And because you bought your vehicle here, you know that we have seen it before and our expert technicians and service professionals are already familiar with your car.

We use factory parts whenever possible, and our parts department is here to help with any services we provide. Whether you need us to perform work for you, or you want to order some parts and do the work yourself, we can help. Providing great care and support is important to us, and that extends to our parts department too. Give us a call today to discuss any parts you need, or come visit us to order parts or have your vehicle serviced, and get back on the road as soon as possible.

Whether you need regular maintenance, or you’ve got a problem on your hands, having your vehicle serviced is stressful. Finding a service center that can correctly care for your car, truck, or SUV is often a process since some shops will only work on specific makes and models, while others only provide service for newer cars.

CBS Quality Cars is your source for on-site service in Durham, NC. Regardless of your vehicles, make, model, or age, our technicians can provide accurate, correct service. There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to taking care of your car, so our service technicians are trained to help you understand the type of fluids and parts you need and how frequently your vehicle prefers to be serviced.

When it comes to keeping a peace of mind on the road, the technicians at CBS Quality Cars are happy to take the worry out of driving. We offer brake inspections, battery replacement, tire rotation and balancing, and more for all of Durham, NC. Regardless of where you purchased your vehicle, we’re happy to provide top-quality service at exceptional prices.

Why Buy Used?

It used to be that getting a brand new car every-so-many years was considered a wise investment. After all, who doesn’t want a brand new, shiny, latest-and-greatest model in their driveway? But today, more and more smart shoppers are learning that used vehicles are an even better investment than a brand new car. Here are twelve reasons why buying used is buying smart:

Save Money

Used vehicles cost less than brand new vehicles. There are many reasons for this, such as the age of the car, the mileage on the vehicle, and how it compares to newer models in trim and features. But if you are trying to work within a specific budget, looking at reliable used cars is the best way to save money.

Avoid Depreciation

You’ve probably heard the saying that new cars start depreciating the moment they are driven off the lot. And it's true! If you were to purchase a brand new car, drive it for a few weeks, and try to return it, it would be considered a used car. Depreciation on vehicles is almost instantaneous.

Warranties and More with Certified Pre-Owned Options

Certified Pre-Owned cars are considered great investments. These are vehicles that have been certified by the original manufacturer as reliable, based on mileage and age. In fact, they typically carry the balance of the new car warranty, along with any roadside assistance or connectivity programs that were available on a trial basis when purchased new. Essentially, the manufacturer treats these cars as next-to-new, but they are considered used vehicles and carry the used car price tag.

More Variety

Approximately 350 new models of cars are released to the American market each year. This may seem like a lot, but if you shop around, you’ll probably discover a lot of overlap in certain segments. If you prefer to find something that meets your needs to the letter, consider a used car lot, where vehicles of all makes, models, ages, and mileage are just waiting to be discovered.

Rows of cars are shown at a used car dealership near me.

Lower Insurance Costs

Brand new cars cost more to repair or replace, so insurance rates are always higher on the latest models. After three to five years, that insurance cost generally drops significantly, since the vehicle is no longer brand new, and parts are more readily available.

Peace of Mind from Vehicle History Reports

Experts have been trying to convince us that cars these days last longer than ever. If you’re the type who needs to see the facts before you believe that, consider that it’s easier than ever to inspect the entire history of a vehicle through services like AutoCheck and CarFax. Before you buy, you can learn exactly what that vehicle has been through, and make your buying decisions based on facts.

A Community Approach

The internet is full of information, and the aftermarket car community is a blossoming place to meet others who can provide support and advice regarding any year, make, and model you can imagine. From learning what to expect to getting ideas for upgrading your vehicle, there’s a group of people waiting to welcome you into the fold.

More Car, Less Money

It’s not unusual to want a luxury car, but for most of us, a brand new, top-trim luxury car is not a priority. If you check out the used car dealerships, however, you can find that top-trim luxury car for a budget-friendly price. One interesting trend is that those premium trims often include options and features that will soon be standard, so you’re shopping wisely by buying the same thing- for less!

Minimal Surprises

Not only can you check the history of the vehicle itself to learn about any prior accidents or service calls, but you can thoroughly research the make and model itself. How many times have you heard of a recall in brand-new vehicles, due to something that has malfunctioned in the first year of production? By investing in a used car, you’ll already know if any issues for that particular year and model, and they’ll likely have been addressed by the previous owner.

Easy Financing.

Financing a used car is just like financing a new vehicle. In fact, it can even be more straightforward. Since you’re not losing money due to depreciation, you may be able to find lower interest loans that can be paid off quickly.

Learn More Up Front

Manufacturers refer to cars in terms of “generations.” Every 5-10 years, a manufacturer will give a model a complete overhaul- new engine, new technology, new appearance, and more. While they’ll undoubtedly perform plenty of tests and safety checks on these vehicles, only time will tell if the vehicle lives up to expectations. By buying an older car, you’ll be able to review years of reviews and reports from actual drivers and trusted sites like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power.

Registration is a Breeze

In many states, the cost of registering a used vehicle is less and continues to decrease as the years go by. Additionally, a lower price often means a shorter loan, which means the vehicle is in your name faster. Transferring the title to your name is a fantastic feeling!

What Makes Durham, NC So Special?

The skyline of Durham, NC, is shown at dusk.

There are plenty of reasons why over 275,000 people call Durham, NC home, but none so breath-taking as the natural beauty that pervades the area. Durham is almost equal in distance to the Appalachians and the Atlantic coast. As a result, residents of the city are almost always up for a road trip to the mountains or the beach.

When time prohibits a lengthy road trip, it’s easy to get your fill of gorgeous sites and adventure right here in the Piedmont region. Durham is known for its parks, gardens, and other phenomenal natural resources. The Little River Regional Park, Magic Wings Butterfly House, Rolling View State Recreational Area at Falls Lake, and Horton Grove Preserve provide residents with a sampling of some of the glory of nature, all within sight of home.

But if you’re itching to take your used car, truck, or SUV to distant lands, Durham is centrally located to some of the most exciting locations in the area. Depending on which direction you turn, you’re just as far from Chicago as you are from Miami. If you’d like to stay just a touch closer, Atlanta and Philadelphia are adventures of the same distance, as well.


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