Used SUV For Sale Durham NC

When it is time to replace your vehicle, there are a lot of reasons to consider an SUV over another type of vehicle. SUVs are versatile, provide plenty of cargo and passenger space, easy to drive, and look stylish to boot. However, if you want to get a reliable SUV and save money at the same time, you should consider buying one used. Used SUVs are great because they provide all of the power and versatility of driving an SUV without the high sticker price of a brand new vehicle. If you're looking for a used SUV for sale in Durham, NC, then it's time to visit CBS Quality Cars.

We provide a vast selection of used SUVs that are perfect for a wide range of drivers. However, the challenge of driving an SUV is finding one that will meet your needs perfectly. Does your SUV primarily get you to and from work? Do you take it off the road? Does it carry the whole family, whether from day to day or on a long road trip? Whatever you expect from your SUV, you can find a perfect model to handle your needs on our lot. Our sales team is here to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect vehicle match. So, what do you need your SUV for?

A popular used SUV for sale in Durham, NC, a dark red 2019 Nissan Rogue, is parked in front of a house.

An SUV for Commuting

Sport utility vehicles were made to do everything the average sedan or pickup does, with more comfort and space for its passengers during their travels. Commuting is a daily challenge that many people face for the majority of their week. The daily drive from home to work and back can take hours out of a person’s day. This begs the question, what does a commuter look for in their perfect SUV? The answer is gas mileage and comfort, and a perfect contender for this is the Toyota Highlander.

The Highlander is well equipped for the biggest obstacle to the daily commute: staying safe in traffic. Toyota has always been at the top of their game, adding safety features that will keep any commuter safe on their day to day drive. The Highlander gets great gas mileage and offers a stylish appearance that will surely turn heads as you drive to work or home. With powerful engine options and plenty of space, this SUV is perfect for tackling your commute.

An SUV for Families

If your commute is more kid shuffling than going to the office, you need the Kia Telluride, which was made for families that are always on the go. The Telluride seats up to eight people, with comfortable seating offered in all three rows. Safety features you will find are geared specifically toward families and keeping them safe at all points of the journey, from a plethora of airbags to driver assist features to help you avoid collisions. Not only that, but a used Telluride will also have an excellent audio system that may be improved in higher trim levels or more recent models. So, your family will be entertained while you shuffle them from place to place.

The view from the Kia Telluride’s cabin is wide and clear, so your passengers will be able to enjoy the views outside the window. This is perfect for when you are heading on a family vacation to new and exciting places. Speaking of vacation, the ample amount of space in the Telluride makes it perfect for packing up the car and heading on a trip. Also, the Kia Telluride offers lower anchors and tethers for children and car seat installation in the second and the third row. For all these reasons and more, the Telluride is the perfect SUV for families.

An orange 2020 Jeep Compass is driving through a river in the woods.

An SUV for Off-Roading

Any driver who wishes to move beyond the traditional boundaries of the highway and go off-road should definitely consider a Jeep Wrangler. When you think of the ultimate off-roading machine, the Wrangler is usually the first one to come to mind. With a classic style that is tried and true, the Wrangler can take you everywhere. Wranglers are the perfect outdoor, off-road companion with a modular design that allows you to get up close and personal with nature. Remove the top and doors and get exploring.

The Wrangler is designed specifically with trails and obstacles in mind. It has superior traction, maneuverability, suspension, ground clearance, and water fording capability to help you get through any off-road conditions. Plus, the four-wheel drive is excellent to have when driving in inclement weather on regular roads. Peruse the wide variety of engines to find the power level you want, and choose between the 2-door or 4-door body that will meet all your adventuring space needs.

A red 2018 Ford Escape is driving around a corner on a hill.

An SUV for Road-Tripping

For road trips or other long drives, an SUV buyer needs to look no further than the Honda CRV. The CR-V has long been a reliable and comfortable SUV that has plenty of space for everyone, and their belongings, to fit comfortably. The CR-V is configurable, so you can fit people you are taking with you, or fold down the seats and fill your car with treasures you pick up from your road trip stops. Plus, the CR-V is known to get good gas mileage, which is important when going on a long drive. Find a used CR-V with a good infotainment system to keep everyone entertained, and there is no reason why you shouldn't start cruising down the highway in this Honda SUV.

Don't let the Honda CR-V's sleek looks and versatile design fool you; this SUV can handle long hours on the road and the occasional off-road. The fun of a road trip is the unusual places you might find yourself along the way, and the CR-V is built to handle all of them, even if the road is unpaved. Combine the comfort, space, and capability with the high seating and nimble drive, and you have an SUV that is perfect for any excursion, even the ones that take hours with lots of stops along the way.

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