Used Toyota Dealer

For many consumers, the purchase of any vehicle comes down to two concerns; practicality and cost-effectiveness. Apart from being reliable and effective in getting to and from point A to point B, not paying a lot for yearly maintenance, insurance premiums, and saving money at the pump is of the utmost importance. Finding both of these in a package that’s accessible to the average income means that many consumers opt to shop used instead of new. With so many makes and models, figuring out which one will be ideal for your circumstances and situation can sometimes present itself as a challenge.

At CBS Quality Cars, we understand this. Like you, we’re drivers who understand the advantages of a bargain and the need for a vehicle that possesses a considerable amount of sustainability. Year after year, many people put their trust in us to help them find the perfect solution to their transportation needs. When it comes to what we recommend for the majority of our customers, there’s no doubt that Toyota is the brand we enthusiastically recommend the most. We’re not just a used Toyota dealer; we’re a fixture in the community that never turns down an opportunity to lend a helping hand.

A red 2021 Toyota Supra is shown from the rear at an angle.

In Toyota We Trust

In describing the attributes that have made Toyota one of the most successful and trusted brands across the globe, it’s nearly impossible to discuss what’s already known to many. Every year, consumers and industry critics extoll the brand's praises, especially regarding their longevity on the road, their high standards of performance and safety, and, most notably, their ability to retain their resale value for years after the selling date. This isn’t by accident; Toyota has always strived to offer their customers the best.

First appearing on North American shores in the 1950s, the brand solidified its place two decades later during the worldwide energy crisis. With fuel stocks in short supply, many drivers needed smaller vehicles that offered conservative fuel consumption. Toyota heard the call from the disenfranchised and offered solutions that could go farther on less fuel, a trend that has continued to the present day. To give an example of just how effective the brand is in what it offers, even after six years, Toyota models retain over 75% of their beginning MSRP. Depreciation is a process that all vehicles go through, but Toyota proves that this is not an equal and linear process among all makes and models.

A white 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is shown from the front while driving through the forest.

The Best of the Best

You can tell something is a worthwhile brand when its quality doesn’t limit itself to only a few aspects but encompasses everything they produce and seek to accomplish. Toyota is the perfect example of this theory in practice. Across the scope of their entire fleet, you’ll find unsurpassed quality in a number of vehicles. Whether it’s practicality, performance, or a workhorse, you can rest assured that there’s a Toyota made with you in mind.

If you’re looking for a four-door sedan that will go the extra mile and give back whatever you give to it ten-fold, consider a Corolla or a used Toyota Camry. Both sedans have been consistent in their sales figures, and this accounts for both new and used models. Possessing the ability to last well beyond the point of 200,000 miles, the Camry and its slightly larger sibling, the Camry, have proved themselves time and time again as one of the most practical choices for the average driver.

If you’re someone whose existence is described as family-oriented, you might want to consider some of Toyota’s SUV options. Both a used Toyota RAV4 and a Highlander are ideal for the modern family. With conservative fuel consumption, maneuverability, and the extra storage space that family life necessitates, both of these options are ideal for daily activity and weekend adventures, both on and off the pavement.

The prowess and performance of Toyota don’t rest, and this is nowhere more apparent than in their pickup trucks, such as the Tacoma and Tundra. Available in a wide variety of trims and options, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid off-roader or simply need a reliable workhorse for the job site; used Toyota trucks are just as, if not more, capable and versatile than their domestic counterparts.

A white 2020 Toyota Highlander is shown from the side while towing a boat after leaving a used Toyota dealer.

Easy to Find, Easier to Purchase From

No one likes it when things are difficult or overly complicated. We certainly don’t. This is why CBS Quality Cars believes in making the selection and purchasing process as pain-free as possible. This means working with you closely from the moment you step on our lot until you sign the paperwork and drive home. We’ll let you ask the important questions and take the time to answer them and any lingering concerns you might have. And what’s better is you don't have to worry about going high and low to look for us; we’re right off Route 70.

Finding us is easy, and purchasing a vehicle that’s held to the highest standards of quality assurance is even easier. If you’ve ever felt that ownership of a Toyota is something that’s out of reach, we’ll do whatever we can to put it in your grasp. This means allowing you to take advantage of our vehicle financing department, which will work with you to ensure that you have a payment plan agreeable to your current budget. If you’re tired of your current method of transportation and are looking to trade in to trade up, you better believe you’ll get an excellent offer to help offset the cost. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the paperwork; it continues well after you’ve parked your new Toyota in your driveway. We want to see you again and perform all necessary maintenance needs at our vehicle service center to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Mile after mile, we’ll make sure you get the very best.

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